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Forklift truck training

Industrial Training services are an accredited training provider in the instruction of operatives and Instructor training for forklift trucks. From novice training to refresher training for the more experienced Forklift or Reach Truck operative.

We offer both Counterbalance Forklift Truck and Reach Truck training at our fully equipped centre. Or you can take advantage of using one of our fifteen registered trainers for Forklift or Reach Truck Training on your own premises.

Why Offer Refresher Training

Even if drivers operate vehicles every day, we would recommend regular refresher training to make sure that they:

  • Maintain good driving skills.
  • Learn new skills where appropriate.
  • Reassess their abilities.

Workers may need refresher training if:

  • You change the vehicles they use.
  • They move sites.
  • You change the way they work; or.
  • They become disabled.
When to train

We would recommend a gap of three years for experienced operatives but less if the risks have been regularly increased.

Should you wish to have your own In house Fork Lift trainer, Instructor courses are regularly conducted for operators who aspire to instruct others in the training skill and we also offer a re-registration course for existing instructors.

Course durations for both Forklift Truck and Reach Truck training, can range from 1 to 5 days dependant on the operator's experience (details shown below), but there can only be a maximum ratio of 3 candidates to 1 Instructor.

Forklift training course duration
  • Novice training 5 days.
  • Semi-experienced 2-3 training days.
  • Refresher training 1 day.
Forklift Instructional techniques training
  • Novice training 10 days.
  • Re-register training 5 days.

Industrial Training Services is a leading provider of training in all types of materials handling equipment and workplace transport, and with over 20 years experience you can be assured of a professional and cost effective training program to meet the needs for every type and size of business.

As a training Centre ITS are accredited to:

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Summary of Training course outlines:
  • Introduction to the training course and personal aim of training.
  • Operator safety code training.
  • Daily inspection including vehicle in motion check training.
  • Operating practice to cover all aspects of practical training.
  • Driving in confined spaces training.
  • Lifting, moving, placing at ground level training.
  • Lifting Load at eye level training.
  • Lifting at high level training.
  • Continuation of operating practice.
  • Pre-test Practice training.
  • Theory test training.
  • Practical test training.
  • Feedback.

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